Invest in EBRC

You can participate in the Economic and Business Research Center's research efforts by sponsoring projects, events or publications; by funding contract research; or through endowments or gifts.

Serving Arizona since 1949

The Economic and Business Research Center has been providing the citizens of Arizona with high quality economic forecasts and applied economic research since 1949.

Sponsorship of Projects, Events, or Publications

  • The Forecasting Project
  • Seminars on business issues
  • Workshops on how to use data from state and federal sources
  • EBR's award-winning website

Research Services

  • border and regional development
  • economic impact
  • environmental/sustainable economics
  • industry studies
  • public finance and taxation
  • program evaluation
  • regional economic and revenue forecasting
  • renewable energy
  • Browse recent research studies


  • Endow a research fellowship or chair
  • Endow an ongoing targeted research program

Unrestricted Gifts

  • Unrestricted gifts allow EBR to engage in research typically not funded through the existing state budget or other means

Contact Dr. George Hammond, for additional information.

For additional information, please contact us.

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