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The population figures presented here are from the Office of Employment and Population Statistics, Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA)  and differ from official Census population estimates.  EBRC considers the ADOA estimates to be more accurate, and uses these population figures throughout this website. All population counts are mid-year July 1st estimates.

Labor Force

Data are from the L ocal Area Unemployment Statistics Program, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  (all figures seasonally adjusted).



The Arizona employment data presented here are from the Current Employment Statistics, Program (CES), U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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All data presented here are from the Census C-40 Building Permits Survey, U.S. Census Bureau. It should be noted that while most permits are reported monthly, monthly permit series generally do not sum to match the annual totals which Census publishes at the end of the year. This is because not all permits issued are reported during the month they are issued, but do appear in the annual totals.

Income & Wages

All data presented here are from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA),  with the exception of per capita personal income and per capita net earnings. EBRC calculates these two series using population estimates from the Arizona Office of Employment and Population Statistics, as opposed to using the official Census Bureau estimates used by BEA. EBRC also calculates average wage per worker using wages and salaries from BEA and total nonfarm employment from BLS.


Data are for sales covered by Arizona's Transaction Privilege Tax from JLBC's State of Arizona Sales Tax Report , with the exception of aggregate retail, food and gasoline sales which are estimated by EBRC. Because these data are presented on accrual basis they will lag a month behind many other data sets such as employment. United States Data are from the Census Bureau's Advanced Retail Monthly Retail Trade Report . We provide a further discussion of these data sets below the tables.

The final series presented in this table is "Total Transaction Privilege Taxes." This figure excludes food and gasoline sales and comes from ADOR's  Transaction Privilege Tax Calculated Taxable Sales by County and Class  report. We present this series because it is equivalent to the sales total we present for the counties and MSAs on this website and comes from the same source. It differs slightly from the total you would achieve by summing relevant categories above from JLBC. This results from the difference in sources and because the ADOR report includes some smaller categories not included in the main categories listed above.

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