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The Forecasting Project is a community sponsored research unit within EBRC which produces in-depth economic forecasts for Arizona and the Tucson and Phoenix metro areas. These award winning forecasts are considered some of the most accurate in the Western states. While EBRC publishes some economic forecast analysis publicly, if your company or organization needs detailed forecasts by sector with series histories and bench-marking, and access to in-depth economic forecasting and consulting services, please consider Forecasting Project membership. Please contact EBRC Director George W. Hammond, Ph.D. to learn more about the benefits of joining the Forecasting Project.

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Contact Dr. George W. Hammond
(520) 626-1679

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Services provided to member organizations:

  • In-depth economic forecasts and analysis provided on a quarterly basis for Arizona, as well as, the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale and Tucson metro areas.
  • A comprehensive examination of the forecast and business conditions four times a year in roundtable sessions with Eller College economists, other sponsors, and invited speakers.
  • Quarterly report containing analysis and tables of forecasted variables, economic indicators, and 35 pages of graphs illustrating recent trends.
  • Access to economic forecasting models and supporting data in AREMOS databanks and EXCEL spreadsheets. AREMOS is a product of Global Insight, a national leader in economic consulting and forecasting.
  • Long run 30-year forecasts each August.
  • Access to The Forecasting Project website for easy downloading of data, reports, and analysis.
  • Consulting on issues related to corporate economics and forecasting.
  • The Forecasting Project also engages in revenue and population forecasting on a contract basis

Current sponsors of The Forecasting Project include:

For additional information, please contact us.

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