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Commentary by EBR economic experts is often featured in the local, regional, and national press. Below is a sampling of news articles containing EBR research and/or commentary.


METRO WEEK: Economic Recovery Slow in Tucson - AZPM
Story by Andrea Kelly
October 16, 2015

Arizona Public Media's Andrea Kelly interviews EBRC Director George W. Hammond, Ph.D., and economist Jim Rounds about Tucson's recovery from the Great Recession. "The Tucson area is recovering from the recession at a slower rate than the rest of the state, economists say. The area has lower job creation, lower median household income and slower population growth than the rest of the state and than the national average, according to economic data from the University of Arizona's Economic and Business Research Center. That's not all bad news, but it must be put in perspective, said George Hammond, the director of the research center at the UA's Eller College of Management." Read AZPM article.

Study: Tucson teacher pay well below national average
October 14, 2015

Increased Trade With Mexico Vital to State
June 8, 2015

Tucson area continues making slow economic recovery
June 5, 2015

Economist: Tucson Growth Will Outpace National by 2017
June 4, 2015

Arizona job growth: want vs. reality
April 22, 2015


Eller Expert Bullish on Tucson's Economy
December 16, 2014

State economic growth slow but steady, experts say
AZ Week – May 9, 2014

Q&A with Dr. George Hammond, new Eller EBRC Director
Inside Tucson Business – January 17, 2014

Respected UA economic forecaster Marshall Vest retires
Inside Tucson Business – January 16, 2014


We’re back to enjoying ice cream, says UA economist
Inside Tucson Business – June 7, 2013

Tucson to be ‘hung over’ another year, experts say
Arizona Daily Star – June 6, 2013

U.S. cuts affect Arizona budget outlook
Arizona Republic – Apr 11, 2013

State on improving jobs trend, analyst says
Arizona Republic – March 18, 2013

Arizona bucks the national trend on wages gender gap
Verde Independent – Jan 24, 2013

More likely moved out than into AZ in recent years
Arizona Daily Star – Jan 5, 2013


Economy is improving, really ... it’s news
Inside Tucson Business - December 14, 2012

Tucson’s economy is improving: next year you might even feel it
Inside Tucson Business - December 14, 2012

Census: AZ saw small net influx of people in 2011
Arizona Daily Star – December 11, 2012

Temporary jobs hint Arizona is on rebound
Arizona Republic – December 6, 2012

Arizona’s September retail sales underwhelming
Arizona Daily Star - December 5, 2012

For president, it's a question of the economy
Arizona Republic - November 7, 2012

Mexican visitors spending big at Phoenix-area store
Phoenix Business Journal - July 20, 2012

Tourists spend mucho dinero in Yuma County
Yuma Sun - June 30, 2012

WVU economist Hammond moves to Arizona
The State Journal - June 29, 2012

Economic 'gardens' bloom in Sahuarita
Arizona Daily Star - June 1, 2012

Gov’t employers dominate here, but strapped budgets show
Arizona Daily Star – Star 200, April 29, 2012

Housing affordability on the rise
Arizona Wildcat – April 20, 2012


Economic forecasts find little reason for optimism
Arizona Daily Star : June 4, 2011
Census paints a bleak picture of Arizona housing
Ahwatukee Foothills News : May 11, 2011
S. AZ consensus: we need science-based jobs
Arizona Daily Star : April 3, 2011
Pima falls short of 1M people
Arizona Daily Star : March 11, 2011
Arizona progress report: setbacks undercut advances
Arizona Republic : February 19, 2011
Count may show Pima population under 1M
Arizona Daily Star : February 9, 2011
Copper mining sees new AZ momentum
Arizona Daily Star : January 2, 2011


Mexican shoppers return
Arizona Daily Star : December 24, 2010
Growing AZ gaining 9th seat in US House
Arizona Daily Star : December 22, 2010
Arizona, Tucson has headwinds slowing recovery
Inside Tucson Business : December 17, 2010
Experts detail how tax plan would help Arizona economy
Arizona Republic : December 8, 2010
Arizona sales-tax hike hasn't dampened spending
Arizona Republic : September 7, 2010
Arizona sees drop in legal Mexican visitors
Arizona Republic : August 6, 2010
Reports on activity show gain in Arizona economy
Arizona Republic : June 27, 2010
Any recovery will be slow, 2 UA economists predict
Arizona Daily Star : June 10, 2010
Economist: recession over in Arizona
Arizona Republic : April 19, 2010
A needed increase in taxes won't hurt Arizona's economy
Arizona Daily Star : February 9, 2010
Realtors ready to fight Washington "tooth and nail"
Inside Tucson Business : February 1, 2010
Study: Arizona second most at-risk for financial collapse
Inside Tucson Business : February 1, 2010



AZ economic forecast is a somber one
Arizona Daily Star : December 12, 2009
We must recognize border benefits as well as problems
The Arizona Republic : November 15, 2009
Arizona economists say recovery will be gradual
Associated Press : October 23, 2009
Experts: Recession over, but state may lag nation
The Arizona Republic : October 18, 2009
State's jobless rate dips, but school employment falls
The Arizona Republic : September 18, 2009
Checking in with Three States in Budget Limbo
NPR : September 15, 2009 : With Audio
Construction that Fueled Growth in the Sun Belt Slows
The New York Times : August 27, 2009
Housing crisis relenting in Phoenix
Marketplace : August 21, 2009 : With Audio
Some see signs of life in AZ home sales
Arizona Daily Star : May 13, 2009
Mexican shoppers add $1B to Tucson economy
Tucson Citizen : May 12, 2009
Forecast: Ariz. will loses tens of thousands of jobs
The Arizona Republic : May 1, 2009
Economists: Arizona is in for long recovery
East Valley Tribune : April 2, 2009
Arizona's budget deficit next year is $2.93 billion
The Arizona Republic : April 1, 2009
Jobs picture looks darker than official stats indicate
Arizona Daily Star : March 22, 2009
Tucson 'hooked on drug' of growth
Arizona Daily Star : March 15, 2009

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Recession started earlier, and will last longer in Arizona
Inside Tucson Business : December 15, 2008
Tucson can expect to see credit get even tighter
Arizona Daily Star : September 30, 2008
Tucson's economic growth high in 2006, not so rosy now
Tucson Citizen : September 26, 2008
More trouble ahead for state, experts say
The Arizona Republic : September 25, 2008
Encouraging signs in Tucson housing
Arizona Daily Star : August 13, 2008
How inflation eats into your paycheck
Arizona Daily Star : May 18, 2008
Rays of hope penetrating economic gloom and doom
Arizona Daily Star : May 18, 2008
Arizona is now in a recession
The Arizona Republic : May 9, 2008
Summer job market a lean one for teens
Tucson Citizen : April 15, 2008
Arizona bitten by reliance on housing
The Arizona Republic : April 6, 2008
AZ leaders grim on economy
Tucson Citizen : April 1, 2008
Spring training's impact exceeds economic numbers
Arizona Daily Star : March 20, 2008
Housing undercuts overall job growth
Arizona Daily Star : March 16, 2008
Home price median here below $200K
Arizona Daily Star : March 12, 2008
Astronomy Economic Impact — $250 million in 2006
Arizona Illustrated  |  Video : March 6, 2008
Study: Illegal immigration costs US border counties millions
International Herald Tribune : March 5, 2008
Will state lose its role as astronomy leader?
The Arizona Republic : March 2, 2008
After housing bust, hard times in Arizona
Christian Science Monitor : February 25, 2008
Tighter economy here calls for planning, not panic
Tucson Citizen : January 23, 2008
Tax rebates would help Arizona, experts say
The Arizona Republic : January 19, 2008
Economists offer contrasting views of AZ future
East Valley Tribune : January 16, 2008
State's title as capital of astronomy is eroding
Arizona Daily Star : January 13, 2008

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