EBRC Library

Data Reference, State Data Center and Library
Valorie Hanni Rice
Business Information Specialist

Library & SDC Hours
9-12 and 1-5, M - F 
McClelland Hall, Rm 103
1130 E. Helen St. 
The University of Arizona Campus
Tucson, AZ 85721

If you wish to visit the EBRC Library, it is a good idea to call ahead or send e-mail. The collection is non-circulating.

The EBRC library is a unique reference collection focusing on economic conditions in Arizona.

The following list is suggestive of the major types of data available in the EBRC Library collection:

  • agricultural statistics
  • budgets and financial reports for selected Arizona cities and counties
  • bankruptcies and foreclosures
  • census of population and housing
  • construction - building permits, housing sales
  • consumer and producer price indices
  • county business patterns
  • education statistics
  • economic census
  • employment - national, regional, state and county
  • exchange rates
  • income - national, state, and county median household, per capita, total
  • interest rates from Federal Reserve
  • population
  • retail sales
  • tourism - state and national park visitations for Arizona, border crossings
  • trade - import/export
  • vital statistics - births and deaths

The Library also maintains an archive of EBRC (earlier DEBR) publications and research reports. Publications include Arizona's Economy (1979--), Arizona Economic Indicators (1984--), Economic Outlook (85/86--), Arizona Review (1952-1990) and Arizona Statistical Abstract (1976--).

For additional information, please contact us.