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Data Reference, State Data Center and Library
Valorie Hanni Rice
Business Information Specialist

Library & SDC Hours
9-12 and 1-5, M - F 
McClelland Hall, Rm 103
1130 E. Helen St. 
The University of Arizona Campus
Tucson, AZ 85721

If you wish to visit the EBRC Library, it is a good idea to call ahead or send e-mail. The collection is non-circulating.

The EBRC library is a unique reference collection focusing on economic conditions in Arizona. This online search tool allows you to search EBRC's archive of articles, publications, and research reports by keyword, author and date.

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The collection includes research reports and popular series such as Arizona's Economy (1979--), Arizona Review (1952-1990) and the Arizona Statistical Abstract (1976-2003).  Articles and reports from EBRC's online projects the Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona Dashboard, and the Arizona-Mexico Economic Indicators are also part of this collection. The library contains federal, state, and local statistical reports and research pertaining to the economy and general socio-economic conditions of Arizona, such as Census information.

EBRC responds to requests for information from business leaders, state and local government agencies, chambers of commerce, public and private researchers, industrial organizations, news media, students, and private citizens.

EBRC is a coordinating agency for the State Data Center (SDC) program. This means EBRC Library staff are available to help you access data from the Census Bureau, as well as the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and other federal and state agencies.

About SDC Program:

The SDC program was established to improve the accessibility of statistical information and products from the Census Bureau to the citizens of our state. The program consists of a network of state agencies, universities, libraries, regional and local governments which have expertise working with census information and have formed a cooperative network to more effectively respond to data requests on population and demography. EBRC has been a member of the Arizona State Data Center program since its inception in 1978.

The following list is suggestive of the major topics covered in the EBRC Library collection:

  • agricultural statistics
  • budgets and financial reports for selected Arizona cities and counties
  • bankruptcies and foreclosures
  • census of population and housing
  • construction - building permits, housing sales
  • consumer and producer price indices
  • county business patterns
  • education statistics
  • economic census
  • employment - national, regional, state and county
  • exchange rates
  • income - national, state, and county median household, per capita, total
  • interest rates from Federal Reserve
  • population
  • retail sales
  • tourism - state and national park visitations for Arizona, border crossings
  • trade - import/export
  • vital statistics - births and deaths

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